The Fitzpatrick Family

We're more than just woodworkers. We're story preservationists. - Ricky

With one foot in the sawdust and one foot in the dirt, Apple Valley Farm is becoming synonymous with hand-painted signs, premium reclaimed furniture, handmade crafts and decor, as well as passionate, careful deconstruction of old houses, barns and buildings. AVF is growing every day, realizing dreams and fulfilling a Godly purpose.

Currently, AVF is a sprawling-acre mini-farm where The Fitzpatrick family makes handmade crafts, signs, doors and furniture from historic and reclaimed materials. 

After an unexpected heart attack at only 46, Ricky Fitzpatrick who was unable to return to work, started creating hand-painted signs, made from reclaimed pallet wood. "It was a way for me to keep my hands it seemed like a way to help fund Santa", he jokes.

Farmhouse HallwayThe result was an outpouring of support and patronage, locally and via web business. That led to the harvesting of old building materials and the family's deconstruction obsession. And not long thereafter, Apple Valley Farm came to be and no one has been able to catch their breath since.

Today, they specialize in reclaimed and 100+ year-old wood and carefully crafted pieces. And the entire family (Ricky, Cretia, Emma and Jude, and older sons Cameron and Caleb) is involved, from bookkeeping and scheduling, to diving into dilapidated old barns and pulling stubborn, rusty nails. It's all hands on deck.

Steeped in a lifetime of farming, crafting, woodworking and local history, the Fitzpatrick family operates Apple Valley Farm from their home, right in the tiny, rural community of Apple Valley, just outside of Jefferson, GA. "When we saw this old, brick house for sale", says Ricky, "I immediately wanted to have it. I've loved it since I was a kid, so it was always a dream of mine." The Fitzpatrick home was once the old Apple Valley Baptist Church parsonage, and has its own bit of history to share, just like the buildings and materials AVF uses and works with.

Thanks to local deconstructions, AVF keeps a steady supply of reclaimed materials like barn wood, hardwood flooring, heart pine tongue and groove siding, worn rusty tin, and old fire brick and pavers. Thousands of board feet of reclaimed, historic lumber remains on-hand and in-process for all sorts of projects ranging from teir signature hand-painted signs to stunning reclaimed wood furniture and decor. They also keep a hefty supply of reclaimed pallet lumber for projects not requiring historic pieces.

Hand PlaneBeing a family of Faith, the Fitzpatricks believe in giving their very best and offering unsurpassed quality and service in all they do. Prices are fair, workmanship is stellar, and service is professional and friendly.

Previously well-known for his award-winning, locally-themed songwriting, Ricky's love of local history and preserving the past has carried over into today. That passion is now manifest through the careful deconstruction of old houses and barns, and the repurposing of those materials through building products, handmade crafts, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Every building deconstructed is saving tons of waste material from local landfills, reducing the environmental impact on existing timber growth, and is impacting the local economy through job creation and resource recycling. “In a small way, we really are saving the planet", he says.


Through our deconstruction and woodworking efforts, Apple Valley Farm strives to efficiently and profitably remove old, used and/or historically significant materials, and repurpose those materials into handmade items, reclaimed furniture, and reclaimed décor pieces. We share our love of sustainability and repurposing with our clients and customers, creating a business that is fiscally, environmentally and ethically responsible, as well as one that allows us to offer instruction for those who wish to learn more. We purpose to treat those around us with respect and honesty, displaying the mind of Christ and the work ethic of the generations before us.