Atlanta Plugged In - Take Two!


The Trust Dale folks came out to the Farm today to do some more filming for an upcoming segment of Atlanta Plugged In. Actually, this was the "field" portion, then we'll be headed to the Trust Dale studios later to film the in-house pieces. CBS Channel 46 will be airing a double header of us, sometime in May.


Feeling Froggy!


Well after lots of waiting and tons of planning, we are finally in The Porch Frog! We are SO excited to have Apple Valley Farm's products as part of The Porch Frog's lineup of amazing crafts and antiques. It's something we've been working toward for quite a while now, and we could not be more thrilled!



Woodworker's Journal Interview


Every now and then, something totally cool happens. This was one of those times. :) How exciting for us, to be recently interviewed by Woodworker's Journal, one of the nation's leading trade publications, and a woodworking publication that I've been reading forever!


Trusted Renovations Debut!


Today is the day! This morning, at 11 EST on Peachtree TV, AVF had our segment air on the Trusted Renovations home improvement show


Hello Porch Frog!


As January comes to a close, we're so excited to have made medicine with the folks over at The Porch Frog in Hoschton, GA! AVF will be opening a retail space there and stocking it with all manner of our handmade, hand-painted signs, decor, and furniture. Plus our line of Wedding Decor items and rental pieces.


Atlanta Unplugged


We are headed out to the big ATL today to film our spot for the Atlanta Unplugged segment on CBS Channel 46 news. Very exciting! Plus, the kids will get to be with me to see everything and be a part of it. Hopefully, another memory that they will hold onto for many years. Life is good. God is good. And we are just enjoying His blessing on seemingly, everything we put our hand to. Be sure to stay tuned for the airing date for this! And thank you!!!


Trusted Renovations Filming with the Kids!


We just edited and posted Emma's on YouTube tonight, and she is VERY excited/nervous about it! Give it a look and tell us what you think. She's anxious. :)


Happy Fall Y'all!


OK, so it isn't exactly Fall yet...but it's starting to feel like it. The crisp mornings here on the AVF are a subtle reminder that soon we'll be wearing long sleeves and dreaming about snow flurries. :)


Lights! Camera! Action!


Very exciting day today! We've been working diligently on the Trusted Renovation television program, for TrustDale. It's been mostly prep work with a little light camera shot here or there. But nothing major. Today, we release the hounds!


On the Trust Dale Radio Show!


In case you missed our on-air chat on the Trust Dale Radio Show the other night, here’s a link to the entire broadcast on Soundcloud. 


Wood 101 – Ridding the Critters


One of the most common questions we get here on the AVF is “How can I be sure the old barn wood you sold me won’t have termites/bugs/worms/etc in it?”


Scary Water


I told Cretia this morning, that looking around at all the things we have to do, all the red tape we have to navigate, all the organization we’ve yet to take care of, building our shop, meeting deadlines, filing paperwork…it’s crippling. And that’s all in addition to the actual work of deconstruction, woodworking and painting. There’s just so much. A part of me wants to say “I can’t do this”.


Wood 101 - What Is Heart Pine?


These days, I post a LOT about wood, and floors, and tongue and groove. We throw around terms like “heart pine” or “quarter sawn” or “old growth”, and never stop to think that everyone may not know exactly what we’re talking about. So…I thought I’d post a weekly Wood 101 installment to bring you into the coveted inner circle here with us. :)


Fannie Henry House Info


I've been determined to find out more about the Fannie Henry House, before we start deconstructing it. Thanks A LOT to everyone who has helped me (Cathy Fletcher in particular). Just in case you're curious, here's what I've uncovered so far, FYI. I love this part of uncovering the history of these old buildings. Feel free to chime in and add more, if you have any info!


Taking the Leap


Today I did the unthinkable. With a family, a mortgage, credit cards, medical expenses, and vehicle that just loves the repair shop...after 15 years at my job as a Sales Account Manager, making a very comfortable living, working close to home, working side-by-side with my wife, being very settled, and with a sizable clientele...I tendered my notice. I did. My goodness, I did it.




A thousand things. That’s about what I have going through my brain today. Don’t get me wrong, we all have a lot going on. Especially if you’re a parent, then your schedule becomes hyper-flooded with things to do. We all deal with deadlines, schedules, timelines, have-tos, want-tos, honey-dos. It’s a part of the life we lead as Americans. Maybe, as humans.


Handling The Bully


We all remember the kid…that is unless you were the kid. The guy who seemed to fear nothing, who back-talked the teachers, who never waited in line. You know, the class bully. There’s always at least one bully in our lives that we remember, right? 


Estwing Tools, Baby


In case you didn’t know, Estwing has been making one-piece forged hand tools for over 90 years. I love and have used nothing but my Estwing 20 oz framing hammer for as long as I can remember. They last forever, perform without fail every time, and are made right here in the USA. 


Kreg Tool Company


Couldn’t wait to share this news. I am thrilled to announce that Apple Valley Farm is joining forces with the world’s largest, most widely-respected name in wood joinery, Kreg Tool Company! 


Trusted Renovation


A few weeks ago, I got a surprising message from a friend who said she was co-hosting an upcoming home renovation show, and wanted to know if we could make them a farmhouse table as a part of the house renovation. Sounds awesome, although my first thought was “Right. What’s the joke?”


Tongue and Groove 101

So do you know the difference between "tongue AND groove" and "tongue IN groove" boards? If not, here's the low down on this iconic design.

Work And Play


When we started Apple Valley Farm, there were many people who said “How cool! You’re doing what you love!” But there were also those who warned us about neglecting our “real jobs” by “playing with that old wood”. There were plenty of folks who wondered when we would wake up and get back to real life.


What’s the Big Deal About Asbestos?


We’ve all heard of asbestos, but few of us really know much more about it than “it’s bad for you”. What is asbestos and why is it such a problem? For those of us working around and in old houses and buildings, it’s particularly curious. Here’s why…