Thoreau SimplifyA thousand things. That’s about what I have going through my brain today. Don’t get me wrong, we all have a lot going on. Especially if you’re a parent, then your schedule becomes hyper-flooded with things to do. We all deal with deadlines, schedules, timelines, have-tos, want-tos, honey-dos. It’s a part of the life we lead as Americans. Maybe, as humans.


But for me, the anxiety that comes with the periodic realization that “I’ve got a ton of stuff to do”, is something I directly connect to my last-year’s heart attack.


When I find the stress of the day building behind me, like a wall of water that I know will eventually break through the dam, it worries me. Because I know that water is going to come flooding in with destructive power. I know it isn’t going to be pleasant or gentle or gradual. It will all happen at once.


The little pressure I felt up in my left arm and shoulder this morning, is a kick in my gut because it reminds me of the exact same sensation I had the morning of my heart attack. It could be just a sore muscle. It could be the way I slept on my side. It could be something I ate. But it might be something more…that’s what my mind says, anyway.


So today, I sit typing with my water and nitroglycerine tablets on the corner of my desk. Just in case. A little overkill? Probably. But it’s my just in case.


The biggest thought in my head, right now? I can’t allow this to happen.


It has nothing to do with the wonderful work we’ve been able to do with the reclaimed wood and painting. That’s the antithesis to my stress, actually. But it’s the dozens of other, tiny things that I need to handle. Things that I need to address. Things that need to be eliminated. And, now.


My resolve today comes directly from my favorite book (Walden): Simplify. Simplify. Simplify!


Through faith and trust in Christ, and grit and determination, I believe there is a way to live the life we want and need. Great changes are just over today’s horizon.