Taking the Leap

Leap of FaithAnd just like that *snap*, it's done.


Today I did the unthinkable. With a family, a mortgage, credit cards, medical expenses, and vehicle that just loves the repair shop...after 15 years at my job as a Sales Account Manager, making a very comfortable living, working close to home, working side-by-side with my wife, being very settled, and with a sizable clientele...I tendered my notice. I did. My goodness, I did it.


Today, we took a tremendous leap out into the unknown, and put all our eggs into the Apple Valley Farm Basket. We threw caution to the wind. We took a huge leap of faith! And you know what? It feels AWESOME!


I am so excited to be truly striking out on a totally new adventure, doing what I love, working with my hands, being creative. This is the step we've been wanting to take for several months now, but just never felt like it was time. But now, the time was right.


Several friends have asked if we were worried, and truthfully, I'm not. For one, we've prayed and sought God's direction for our family and for our business, and I'm convinced that He has been blessing and will continue to bless our work. And two, now that I'll be free to dedicate my time, exclusively to AVF, there's no stopping us. We'll catch up on our backlog of orders, maybe get ahead with some inventory, and be available to tackle new challenges on the fly, whenever they may come.


Downsides? None. We're ready, baby! 


So now, we'll be reaching out to all our friends and social media followers and fans, and asking for your continued help, more than ever. And we definitely hope you'll all tell your friends to check us out. We will still continue making hand-painted signs, handmade furniture and decor, and deconstructing old buildings, barns and houses. And we'll be available to take a look at custom projects and designs. We'll just be doing a whole lot more of it!


We'll also get to start actually farming here on Apple Valley Farm. Garden Beds are getting prepped, chicken coops are being planned, honey bee hives are being eyed. We really are taking hold of life and getting ready to do what we love. I mean really. Seriously.


Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for making this milestone possible. We promise to continue to do our very best to bring you premium quality, affordable, environmentally sound products, and to give you the same level of service and attention that we believe Christ would expect us to offer.


So again, thank you SO MUCH! Here we go!