Trusted Renovation

Gina Townsend & Ricky FitzpatrickA few weeks ago, I got a surprising message from a friend who said she was co-hosting an upcoming home renovation show, and wanted to know if we could make them a farmhouse table as a part of the house renovation. Sounds awesome, although my first thought was “Right. What’s the joke?”


But it’s no joke. Trusted Renovation is a real program, and it really is being shot and produced right now. Most people know who Dale Cardwell is (Trust Dale), so they immediately relate to whatever he’s doing. Trusted Renovation is a show, and should be hitting the Atlanta market this Spring. I know…crazy!


Yesterday, we got the opportunity to visit the job site, see what they’re doing, take a few measurements, and generally be wowed by the idea of being there. We met up with Gina Townsend, a reputable contractor in the area, and a friend. She’s organizing the chaos that goes along with a job site. Also met with Jennifer, the homeowner for the project, and a TrustDale team member, and a few other folks there.


We originally thought we’d just be building a table and a few window planter boxes. Now it’s that, plus a couple of sliding barn doors and the rustic beams on the porch area. I love it. Love it, love it.


Now the fun begins, prepping for all the projects, getting the wood together and preparing for some filming. It will be curious allowing for camera time for part of the assembly and installation, but that just makes us feel famous for a minute. :) But we’re understanding what it means to really be behind now, as our schedules really start to fill up. It’s good to be busy though!


Very exciting as we take this next step on our Apple Valley Farm journey, walking through door after open door. Who would’ve guessed, just a few months ago, that we’d be in this place. God has been blessing us like crazy, and we’re just taking it all in.


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