Hand-Painted Rustic Signs

Our famous Hand-Painted Signs are what put Apple Valley Farm on the map! Indoor, outdoor, wedding, seasonal, Holiday...you name it. Like our popular One Word Signs. We love creating wonderful, fun wooden signs and making them available for your home. For the full compliment of signs, please visit our bustling Etsy store and see what we have. And if you need something special or custom, or if you have an idea that you don't see or can't find anywhere...let us know. Chances are, if you can envision it, we can create a sign for you!

One Line Signs - 1.5X16 inch Hand Painted Wood Signs

Our new line of One Line Signs is the perfect way to express your thoughts and feelings in a small, beautiful, and simple package! At only 1 1/2 inches tall and 16 inches long, they go virtually anywhere, and they look cute and fitting in nearly any setting.

Designs include baby designs, kitchen themes, teacher ideas, scripture based, and more. And every OLS is always handmade here in the US, and never imported or mass produced.

We hand letter (never stencil) the wording on a distressed, reclaimed palletwood or shiplap background, with additional images painted, when needed. We can also create custom pieces for you, based on your input. Just ask us how we can make something unique for you for a custom price.

One Line Signs are also available in wholesale lots, with or without table top and free-standing floor displays. Ask us for more information, if you or your business would like to learn more about making them available for your customers.

Online Etsy Store

Our primary online destination for all things AVF, can be found at our Etsy Store. Etsy is the world's largest online retailer of handmade products, and Apple Valley Farm is proud to be a part of their family of craftsmen and artisans. Be sure to visit and follow us on Etsy...our inventory changes regularly and often. Hope to see you there!

AVF Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The elegant but rustic AVF reclaimed wood Console Table is made from reclaimed Pallet and Barnwood, sanded smooth, then hand-finished with several coats of spar urethane. It’s the perfect size for any room and will definitely be the topic of conversation where ever you put it to use. Let us make one for you for the holidays, and wow your guests when they come over this year. This one is 48 inches long by 12 inches wide but we would love to make a custom size for you to fit your needs. Hurry to get your order placed in time for the holidays!

Reclaimed Wood Hostess Stand

"Aging" new tin has become our new obsession! We just love the way the reclaimed wood plays off the rusty tin on this stunning Hostess Stand. And the barnwood top...you know how we are about Heartpine anything! We designed this originally for use as a Greeter's Desk at a local craft show, but it could also find a home as a podium, lecturn or information center for your office, metting room, conference area, restaurant, church, etc. Let us know if we can make one for you.

Reclaimed Wood Dog Bed

Our beautiful, handcrafted dog bed will ensure all the other pets on your block are green with envy! :) Plenty of room, solidly made, and oh so crafty-looking!

Carefully hand-crafted, covered in reclaimed wood, and perfectly sized for a toddler mattress. (52 X 27 1/2) 

There are plenty of beds out there for your pet. And they come in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices. So why give this bed a second look? Well...

We build our Pet Bed super-solid so it can stand up to the largest of dogs, using industry-leading pocket hole joinery on all framing members. We then sheath the entire bed in locally reclaimed lumber, specifically chosen for each build. Everything, down to the placement of the old, oxidized nail holes, is considered and carefully planned for the most aesthetically pleasing effect.

We also cautiously recess all nails and screws and round over and sand any corners and rough points to reduce sharp edges and splinter-points for you, your family and your pet. We also leave our beds unfinished, and free of any potentially harmful paints or varnishes.

Custom sizes and shapes are also available, and those prices may vary. Contact us with your dimensions, needs or questions.

All items made by hand right here on the AVF. 2-3 weeks to ship, depending on current backlog. 

Contact us with your ordering details and we'll build one for you. Or, to order online, just visit our Etsy store HERE.

Handmade Reclaimed Furniture

Apple Valley Farm  creates handmade, rustic Farm Tables, shelves, mantels, side and hall tables, coat racks and other furniture pieces from reclaimed lumber. Many times, historic lumber. Prices vary, so CONTACT US for options, specific pricing and exact dimensions, or to discuss your custom needs.

Rustic Sliding Barn Doors

Apple Valley Farm creates single and double rustic, handmade Sliding Barn Doors, crafted from historic lumber. We also create sliding door systems from old solid wood doors...either ours or your own! Prices typically start at around $300. CONTACT US for specific pricing and details, or with your custom requirements. AVF uses Real Sliding Hardware for all tracks, rollers, straps, and pulls unless otherwise specified.

Deconstruction Services

Apple Valley Farm isn't particularly "in the deconstruction business"...we're in the "surgical reclaiming of cool, old stuff business". :) We do offer limited deconstruction services, for everything from a single board to (sometimes) entire buildings, houses or barns. But mostly, we remove as much material as possible so your overall deconstruction project generates less waste that goes to the landfill.

The older the better. Most of the time, we'll perform a decon at no charge to you, in exchange for the contents and building materials. Sometimes, there is a charge. And occasionally, we do buy structures, if they are historically and structurally relevant. But every job is unique. If you have a project you want us to look at, please CONTACT US for details. 

Reclaimed Rusty Tin

Reclaimed from the rooftops of old barns, houses and shed around the area, our rusty tin panels are the perfect accent to your home project. Or as actual roofing material for your outdoor space.

Each piece is gently removed by hand and carefully handled so nothing is damaged any more that absolutely needed to take it off. Varying levels of "rustiness" come with them due to age, weathering and wear, so every piece is completely unique. Most panels are 2 ft in width, and range from 2-20 feet long.

Prices start at $0.50 per linear foot. CONTACT US for details or for volume pricing or specific needs.

Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed Old Bricks, rescued from a variety of structures in the North GA area...homes, buildings, barns, sheds, fireplaces, chimneys, walls, pathways and edging. Ages ranging from 40-150 years old. Grouped into solid and 3-hole brick.

All bricks are sold as-is, but are in-tact and have had the majority of mortar chiseled off, and are pressure washed to remove any mold, mildew and/or moss or insect and/or plant growth. Each brick is uniquely aged and shows signs of years of wear and tear, displaying nicks, cracks, pits, bits of mortar and discoloration, especially on old fire bricks.

Prices start at $1 per brick and go up with design and age. Prices do not include shipping charges. Orders of pallet quantities (400 bricks) will be discounted for bulk pricing consideration. Local pickup is encouraged. Contact us with your specific needs, for a price quote.

Apple Valley Farm is intensely involved with the reclamation and repurposing of building materials, saving tons of waste from local landfills through deconstruction activities which include reclaiming usable lumber, timbers, fixtures, masonry, etc and from structures that are being partially or completely destroyed or renovated. Those materials are reborn into a variety of locally produced crafts, décor, furniture and accents, as well as future re-building materials. Apple Valley Farm makes these materials available to the general public and to those in the construction and/or building industry.

Reclaimed Solid Wood Doors

As we deconstruct old houses, many times we find a treasure trove of old solid wood doors. When we do, we love to give them new homes in newer houses. There's something special about an old door in a new house!

Our doors range in age, depending on the project they come from. They are typically solid wood, multi-panel doors. Usually interior ones. When we find one with glass, we jump for joy. Even if it's broken, that's OK. But in-tact old glass is a rarity. And from time to time, we get a door with an old locking mechanism or door knob, still attached. Love it! We leave them as close as possible to the way we find them.

Door prices start at $25. CONTACT US s to see if we have what you need.

Apple Valley Farm Suwdust Tee - Any Color, Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Here at Apple Valley Farm, we LOVE the smell of sawdust in the morning! Join us by letting the world know that you’re a kindred spirit with all of us! Our super soft, athletic cut men, women and children's tees are silk-screened locally here by the awesome folks at Shirtworks. We've even selected shorts that are made with 10% material made from recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?! We love reusing things around here! :)

Email us with how many you want, your sizes (YS-XL), and colors (we'll check on your preference). A great gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or hey...how about just for yourself! Wear it with pride!

All Tees - Just $15.00 each. (Shipping Free on orders of 5 or more.)