Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed Old Bricks, rescued from a variety of structures in the North GA, buildings, barns, sheds, fireplaces, chimneys, walls, pathways and edging. Ages ranging from 40-150 years old. Grouped into solid and 3-hole brick.

All bricks are sold as-is, but are in-tact and have had the majority of mortar chiseled off, and are pressure washed to remove any mold, mildew and/or moss or insect and/or plant growth. Each brick is uniquely aged and shows signs of years of wear and tear, displaying nicks, cracks, pits, bits of mortar and discoloration, especially on old fire bricks.

Prices start at $1 per brick and go up with design and age. Prices do not include shipping charges. Orders of pallet quantities (400 bricks) will be discounted for bulk pricing consideration. Local pickup is encouraged. Contact us with your specific needs, for a price quote.

Apple Valley Farm is intensely involved with the reclamation and repurposing of building materials, saving tons of waste from local landfills through deconstruction activities which include reclaiming usable lumber, timbers, fixtures, masonry, etc and from structures that are being partially or completely destroyed or renovated. Those materials are reborn into a variety of locally produced crafts, décor, furniture and accents, as well as future re-building materials. Apple Valley Farm makes these materials available to the general public and to those in the construction and/or building industry.