Reclaimed Wood Dog Bed

Our beautiful, handcrafted dog bed will ensure all the other pets on your block are green with envy! :) Plenty of room, solidly made, and oh so crafty-looking!

Carefully hand-crafted, covered in reclaimed wood, and perfectly sized for a toddler mattress. (52 X 27 1/2) 

There are plenty of beds out there for your pet. And they come in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices. So why give this bed a second look? Well...

We build our Pet Bed super-solid so it can stand up to the largest of dogs, using industry-leading pocket hole joinery on all framing members. We then sheath the entire bed in locally reclaimed lumber, specifically chosen for each build. Everything, down to the placement of the old, oxidized nail holes, is considered and carefully planned for the most aesthetically pleasing effect.

We also cautiously recess all nails and screws and round over and sand any corners and rough points to reduce sharp edges and splinter-points for you, your family and your pet. We also leave our beds unfinished, and free of any potentially harmful paints or varnishes.

Custom sizes and shapes are also available, and those prices may vary. Contact us with your dimensions, needs or questions.

All items made by hand right here on the AVF. 2-3 weeks to ship, depending on current backlog. 

Contact us with your ordering details and we'll build one for you. Or, to order online, just visit our Etsy store HERE.