When we create a sign for someone or deliver a special order, so many times, our customers will say I wish I could do something like this. Or I wish I could be crafty like that.

Well, you can! And we’ll show you how.

We are so excited to be hosting our Apple Valley Farm Painting Classes! Join us for a comprehensive and fun how-to, where you learn to make your own AVF designed, reclaimed wood sign. We’ll supply all the materials, a few awesome prize giveaways, and hands-on instruction, every step of the way. And when it’s done, you’ll leave with a finished product, ready to hang or gift, just like the popular designs and products you see from us, every day.

To learn more, just ask me, or text or email us. 

Thank you! And we’ll look forward to seeing you and sharing this time with you and your friends. Have a wonderful day!



I’m not an artist. Can I really do this? – Of course you can. Our process is fun and easy and will ensure your ability to create a beautiful finished piece. Trust us! You will love it! J

How do I sign up for a class? – Online registering is our preferred method. Each class will have its own registration and payment link, so keep an eye out for links here or on Facebook, when a class you want to attend is announced.

Can I bring my child/children? – Absolutely. However, we don’t offer childcare services, or have an area that is “child proof”. We’ll have lots of folks working with paints and wood and oil-based stains…not an ideal environment for small children. So we would suggest finding an alternative solution for your children, if possible. But if not, they are certainly welcome.

Can I bring a friend? – You bet. The class price is a per/sign basis, so feel free to bring a friend. Or two!

Can I video the class so I can watch it later? – We certainly love for our students to shoot short videos or take pictures and share them on social media or with friends. But we’d prefer to keep our complete sessions and classes for paying students only. So we’d appreciate it if you didn’t video the class. But we’ll be happy to give you all the help you need along the way, as well as make ourselves available to chat or answer questions, any time after any classes. And…we’ll be posting videos ourselves, on our YouTube channel. So you can always watch them there.

Do you offer Kid’s Classes? – Yes! We currently have a Fidget Spinner Class where we make reclaimed hardwood fidget spinners with your 7-13 year old, then have a Spinoff to see whose spins the longest. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Can I host a Painting Party at my home or church? - Absolutely! Actually, you can host a Painting Party anywhere you want, as long as there's enough room. Parties are a great way for you to start the ball rolling on a gathering, without waiting on us to plan one in your area. Prices are usually $20-40 per person, and if you have more than 10 people attend, you craft for free! CLICK HERE to send us your info. Someone will be in touch with you right away with all the details.

What if I need to reschedule? – Usually, that’s no problem. Things happen. But we can’t refund your registration fee. But definitely reach out to us as soon as you foresee a scheduling issue and we’ll work you into another class.

Can I bring my own materials? – We like it when you use ours, because we can control the quality of all the pieces. But the answer here is Yes and No. In most cases, yes. You can use your own wood for the projects that use a natural-colored sign. But for signs that have a painted background, we prep those before class. So you’d have to either prep yours (and we can give you instructions), or just use ours.

Can I make my own design? – For this scope of class time, no. We won’t have a way to accommodate custom designs. However, we will be happy to work with you to create your own designs, at another time, if you want.

Can I change the paint colors used in the class? – Absolutely. We will have suggested colors, but (other than the background color, when applicable), you’re welcome to get creative!

Will my sign be an indoor or outdoor use sign? – All of our projects will be intended for indoor use, or at best, covered outdoor use, such as on a covered porch or carport area. Your finished sign will receive a coat of clear protective spray that will help its durability and protect the paint from bumps and scratches. But that coating does not make your sign an outdoor or “weatherproof” sign.

Can I bring my own food and/or drink? – You certainly may. Just make sure it doesn’t require heating or cooking. It should be pre-packaged for easy use. Also, although it may seem obvious, please don’t bring anything stinky…like fish or onions. J

Do you offer discounts to church groups? – As a matter of fact, we do. For Church or Civic Groups who want to register 10 or more attendees, we do offer a discount off the regular class price.

Can we host a Crafting Class as a fundraiser? – Yes! What a great idea! Painting Classes are fun and informative and a great way to gather a crowd for a great cause. Ask us about this at either or 706-372-0406. Each fundraiser will be different, so let us put a package together that will ensure you raise enough to meet your goals.

How often do you hold these classes? – We try to host at least one class a month in a given area.

Can I make a suggestion for a sign I’d like to see you offer a class on? – We love suggestions. So yes! Please let us know about your ideas. Pictures are a great way to communicate your suggestions, so share those with us if you have them. Send your suggestions to either or 706-372-0406.


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