Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Everyday Woodworking podcast! 

Podcast advertisements are statistically 2-3 times more effective than a traditional radio spot. And according to Edison Research, podcast consumers are 54% more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on their favorite shows. 

With so many people listening to podcasts (68 million per week), there are more opportunities than ever to get your message in front of an audience who will listen. 

We offer three main packages, one of which will help us make your ad content as effective as possible. 

  • Ad Spots 
  • Sponsorship 
  • CPA 


The Ad Spot package uses baked in content as either “produced” (with music and editing) or “host read” ads. Ad Spots are usually informational in content and will not typically make use of a call to action. 

Everyday Woodworking works with 3-5 advertisers/ads per episode. We do not run pre-roll and end-roll ads because of their statistical lack of effectiveness. We only insert ad content, mid-roll. 

  • 1, 1 minute ad spot - $100 
  • 2, 1 minute ad spots - $150 
  • 3, 1 minute ad spots - $185 
  • 4, 1 minute ad spots - $200 
  • 5, 1 minute ad spots (entire episode) - $250 


Sponsorship Packages are a flat rate (starting at $250), single-episode method of establishing name recognition for your brand or organization. Sponsorships convey a sense of exclusivity and prominence within your industry. 

Sponsorships are announced at the beginning, middle and end of the episode, using a 15 second format to recognize your organization as the sole Sponsor for that episode. 

CPA (Cost Per Action) 

Sometimes called a Cost Per Acquisition method, the CPA Ad Program is tailor made for messages that include a call to action. It is the no-risk, no upfront cost solution for your podcast advertising. 

CPA ads are created and placed, just like Ad Spots, but the messaging will usually include a customer COUPON CODE, so customer acquisition can be tracked by the advertiser. 

Total cost of the ad is based on customer acquisitions, not impressions. Everyday Woodworking is paid only per converted purchase or signup. 

Per Unit cost is different for every customer. We will want to ask a few questions before we can determine your total cost. Please feel free to contact us for a no-commitment, complimentary evaluation to determine the cost of your CPA Advertising Plan. 


Also ask us about Product Reviews, Review Placements, Exclusive Advertiser Bundles, and more. 

In addition to any Advertising Package, clients will also receive: 

  • Social Media ShoutOut – with tags/links on FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube 
  • Show Notes, Email and Blog link 

* AVF and Everyday Woodworking can create, record and produce all ad spots, at no additional cost. We will also create ad copy, with your approval, and will retain ownership and copyright of that content. The client may purchase the ownership and copyright to their ad spot and freely use it at their discretion in other settings for $250 per recording. Purchased ad spots will be made available in MP3 and WAV formats. 

For more information or to start building your Podcast Ad Package with Everyday Woodworking, please CONTACT US.

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