Hosting a Painting Party is fun and easy. When you host a Painting Party, your guests will learn to make their own AVF designed, reclaimed wood sign. We’ll supply all the materials, a few awesome prize giveaways, and hands-on instruction every step of the way. And when it’s done, everyone will leave with a finished product, ready to hang or gift, just like the popular designs and products you see from us, every day.

Browse through our FAQs here to find answers to a few basic questions, and of course, please EMAIL or CONTACT US if you need to know more. And of course, you can BOOK A PARTY, by filling out a little info so we can get back in touch with you with the details.

THANK YOU, and we can't wait to host a Painting Party with you!


What's the difference between a Painting Party and a Painting Class? - The biggest difference is, a class is open to the public, and a party will only have the people you personally invite.

If I host a Painting Party, will I have to do all the work? - Not exactly, but you will be the host. So you'll provide the space, tables, chairs, snacks, etc. But we'll come early and stay late to help you set up and clean up. :)

How much does it cost? - Just like our Painting Classes, prices range from $20-40 per person, depending on the designs you select for your party.

How do my guests register? - Online registration will be setup for every Party. Guests will register there. The URL for the registration page will be emailed to you as soon as we nail down a class and details.

Do I have to collect payments? - No. Payments for all guests will be on the online registration page. No cash, check or cards will be taken at the party.

How long is a party? - Typically, about 2 hours.

If I host a party, do I also have to pay? - Possibly not. Hosts will need to pay the per person fee, unless they have 10 or more guests attend. Then the host's crafting is free! 

As a host, will I need to pay up front, or after the party? - The host does not have to pay beforehand. Hosts, if they do not have 10 or more attendees, will have the opportunity to pay via the online page, afterwards.

How do I choose a design for our craft? - Typically, once you submit your info via our BOOK A CLASS page, we'll contact you about your design preferences. You can select one of our existing sign designs, or discuss or share one of your own.

How will I select a date for my party? - We'll discuss that when you Book your party.

Can you help me invite people? - We can help you by creating an email or physical invition you can send to your prospective guests.

How many guests should I have? - Our minimum number of guests required is 6, up to a maximum of 20.

Can guests bring their child/children? – Absolutely. However, we’ll have lots of folks working with paints and wood or oil-based stains…not an ideal environment for small children. So we would suggest finding an alternative solution for your children, if possible. But if not, they are certainly welcome.

What if I need to reschedule after booking a party with you? - No problem. We can't refund any registration fees, but we can work with you to reschedule something. We just need to know within 2 weeks of your scheduled party date.

What if my guests aren't artistically talented? - Never fear, we'll be working with everyone in a manner that helps practically anyone create something beautiful. Really...we promise!

Can guests bring their own materials? – We like it when you use ours, because we can control the quality of all the pieces. But the answer here is Yes and No. In most cases, yes. You can use your own wood for the projects that use a natural-colored sign. But for signs that have a painted background, we prep those beforehand, and you’d just use ours.

Can we change the paint colors used? – Absolutely. We will have suggested colors, but (other than the background color, when applicable), everyone's welcome to get creative!

Will our signs be indoor or outdoor use signs? – All of our projects will be intended for indoor use, or at best, covered outdoor use, such as on a covered porch or carport area. Your finished sign will receive a coat of clear protective spray that will help its durability and protect the paint from bumps and scratches. But that coating does not make your sign an outdoor or “weatherproof” sign.


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