Wooden Grill Scraper
  • Wooden Grill Scraper
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If you have a Grill Master in your house, then our Wooden Grill Scraper is exactly what they need! The perfect gift for Father's Day or any occasion for your dad, husband, son, neighbor or friend.

Traditional wire grill brushes harbor gunk and bacteria, plus they fall apart, possibly leaving those nasty wires in your food! Don't risk a trip to the ER with one of those funky old brushes! Get a Wooden Grill Scraper, and never worry about it again.

Our Wooden Grill Scraper naturally conforms to your grates as you use it on a hot grill. It gently removes the junk and leaves you to concentrate on cooking those award-winning steaks, worry free.

We make these out of solid Pine, sand them super-smooth, then finish them with a coating of food-safe mineral oil. At 16 inches long, it's the perfect length for safely cleaning your hot grill. And with a leather strap, you can easily hang it out of the way with your other grill tools.

"How long will it last?" - Great question! And the answer is "We don't know!" :) We've yet to wear one out.

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