Handmade Carpenter Bee Trap
  • Handmade Carpenter Bee Trap
  • Handmade Carpenter Bee Trap
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One sure sign that Spring has sprung here in the South is the appearance of the Carpenter Bee. Unfortunately, the Carpenter Bee can wreak havoc on your wood exterior around your home or shop, boring holes like there's no tomorrow!

Our simple and affordable Carpenter Bee Trap will help you curb your carpenter bee population. And all without power, chemicals or dangerous side effects. Just hang it up and let it do the work. You just empty the bees about once a week.

Our Handmade Carpenter Bee Trap is made from solid wood with a genuine Ball Mason Jar attached. Each trap also comes with an eye hook installed at the top.

Each trap effectively serves an area of aprox 200 sq ft.

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