Apple Valley Farm LLC and the Everyday Woodworking podcast are engaged in Research Reporting Services, serving as a clearinghouse for verifiable data for product or service  comparisons. As a result, we keep a database here of research projects that we are IN NEED OF and projects that are AVAILABLE for licensing.

If you would like to be a Research Specialist for us, and have access to a computer, have a little time, and want to make some easy extra cash, we will pay you to conduct online research for us. Just click on the Project Name below with the word NEED to see the details about how you can become an independent Research Specialist for us.

If you are in need of research data for an article, report, paper, website, blog, podcast, etc...we would love to help you. If you see a Research Report in the list below with the word LICENSE, just click on the Report Name to learn how you can purchase a license to use our data. And if you don't see the info you want, please CONTACT US for pricing on a custom research quote.