Apple Valley Farm is a family-owned business dedicated to the art of woodworking and the creation of handcrafted furniture and decor. We specialize in crafting unique, hand-painted rustic signs and wall decor, perfect for adding a touch of personalized warmth to any space. 

We also take pride in our custom, hand-painted cornhole boards, designed to bring fun and character to your outdoor gatherings. In addition, we also breathe new life into vintage and antique furniture, decor, and collectibles, repurposing them to blend the old-world charm with contemporary style. 

At Apple Valley Farm, every piece we create or restore tells a story, embodying our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty of handmade artistry. We are growing every day, realizing our dreams and fulfilling a Godly purpose.


Through our efforts, Apple Valley Farm strives to be the very best at what we do, offering quality items of value and nostalgia to our clients at prices that are fair and competitive. We share our love of sustainability and creativity with our customers, creating a business that is fiscally, environmentally and ethically responsible, as well as one that allows us to help the people in our community. We purpose to treat those around us with respect and honesty, displaying the mind of Christ and the work ethic of the generations before us.

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Does Apple Valley Farm have animals?

LOL. No. We actually still have a fascination with rabbits though, so we we may build a hutch and see what happens there. Or maybe bring a few goats in! But no, we're not a traditional farm.

Do you sell fresh produce?

No, we don't. Frankly, I'd love to sell farm-fresh produce to the public but we'd go broke for sure. If we could figure out a business model for selling weeds though…now we're talkin'!

Does AVF do woodworking?

That's a great question. We originally started out doing ONLY woodworking, but these days, we also engage in reselling found treasures and content creation for our YouTube channel and Podcast. However, we still make lots of things. We still offer hand-painted cornhole boards, which are very popular. We make a we rustic crafts for the yard and garden. And we we share most of our projects in the form of downloadable plans for our woodworking friends.

Where is your store?

Right here. :) We don't have a physical store, but we sell our wares online. Having said that, we do usually keep a booth or two in local antique malls and we love to setup at craft and antique festivals. We'll post about all that, here though. So if you're interested, please keep an eye out for the latest info.