Cornhole Board Leg Assembly Jig
  • Cornhole Board Leg Assembly Jig
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If you've watched our YouTube videos about How To Build Cornhole Boards, then you've probably seen us talking about the jigs we use. This is one of them, used for our Leg Unit Assembly. With several moving parts in the unit, holding them all and placing them all perfectly can be a bit tricky...but this jig makes it easy for consistently for perfect, level, ACL-Competition-Rule board height.

If you're reasonably handy and have access to a few simple tools, you can make your own jig and use it over and over again. A great time saver to have around any shop.

Our simple Measured Drawing gives you all the dimensions you'll need, as well as a cut list. Downloadable in a PDF.

Be sure to send us pictures of your completed project. We love to see what our friends make!

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