Cornhole Board Downloadable Plans Pro Series
  • Cornhole Board Downloadable Plans Pro Series
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After building hundreds of sets of handmade cornhole boards, we finally decided to share our design details with the rest of the cornhole world! And for our handy friends, that means you’re now able to build your own set, just like the award-winning, American Cornhole League (ACL)-approved, professional grade cornhole boards we sell right here at AVC.

Our Pro Series boards are tough and sturdy, but light and elegant. Our 3/4” tops make sure you have a rock solid playing surface, but our lightweight 1X4 frame gives you the ease of moving them around. Plus...they just look good!

These are the same plans we provide to our licensed builders. Everything from a material and cut list to a detailed hardware set and substitution guidelines. But if you have any questions or concerns, let us know. Our contact info is at the bottom of the last page.

So with that...let’s get busy. The best cornhole boards you’ve ever owned are waiting for you to build them!

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