Cleaning Up Your Bandsaw Cuts

The band saw is an almost indispensable tool in the shop. But it can be hard to use well without a little experience. If you’re like us, the band saw blade can tend to wander, especially on those tough cuts. So how can you clean up your cuts…? 

Today, we’ll be sharing two super-easy tips that are guaranteed to help you produce better results on the bandsaw. Even if you’re a novice or using “bargain” level equipment. 

RULE NUMBER ONE: Continuity is your friend. 

I know you want to cut a really perfect line, but the slower you go, the more you’re going to wander. There’s a sweet spot between too slow and too fast, and I can’t tell you exactly what yours will be. But with a little practice, you’ll find it. I call it “moving with a purpose”. 

Be intentional and keep moving your piece through the blade and I promise, you’ll find yourself making straighter cuts in no time at all. 

RULE NUMBER TWO: Look ahead. 

Your natural tendency is going to be to look at the point where your blade is contacting your workpiece. And yeah, of course you want to do that. But to make your cuts straight and natural, you need to widen your view

Try looking about 1 inch ahead of your cut, and allow your peripheral vision to take in the surrounding areas, like where your blade and wood meet up. That, coupled with Rule #1, and you’ll find your cuts taking on a whole new level of smoothness. 

Again, everyone is different, so give yourself a little time and a little practice to find your groove. Once you do, you’ll immediately feel more confident with your cuts. I promise!

Thanks for joining and I hope these tips will help you! And by no means are these the only things you can be doing, but they’re definitely a great place to start. 

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