What Can You Expect To Find In Abandoned Storage Lockers?

Bidding on storage lockers whose renters have defaulted on their monthly rent can potentially yield significant financial advantages. This practice, commonly referred to as storage auctioning, allows bidders to purchase the entire contents of a locker at a fraction of its potential market value. Often, these lockers contain valuable items such as electronics, furniture, and occasionally, rare collectibles which can be sold for a considerable profit. 

Moreover, the element of mystery associated with the contents of each locker adds an exciting risk-reward dynamic to the process. However, successful bidding requires a discerning eye, some knowledge of second-hand market values and a well-planned strategy to ensure investments yield a positive return.

Some of the things you can expect to find in most storage locker auctions include:

  1. Furniture: This could include a wide range of items such as antique dressers, tables, chairs, or sofas.
  2. Electronics: Common finds might be televisions, stereos, computers, or kitchen appliances.
  3. Collectibles: These can range from coins, stamps, and trading cards to more unique items like vintage toys or memorabilia.
  4. Artwork: Paintings, sculptures, or prints can often be found, especially in more upscale neighborhoods.
  5. Sports Equipment: Items like golf clubs, bicycles, or camping gear are frequently found in storage units.
  6. Tools: Power tools, hand tools, and yard tools are common finds.
  7. Clothing: This could include everyday wear, but occasionally, you might find designer clothing, vintage pieces, or even wedding dresses.
  8. Jewelry: While rare, it's possible to find jewelry – both costume and fine – in storage lockers.
  9. Musical Instruments: Guitars, pianos, or brass instruments can sometimes be found.
  10. Personal Documents: Things like photo albums, letters, or diaries often end up in storage lockers, serving as a poignant reminder of the locker's previous owner.

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