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Is Self Storage a Waste Of Money?

There comes a time in every person's life when they need extra space. Maybe you're moving houses, storing seasonal clothing, or simply need to declutter your house. Self-storage units are popular storage solutions that allow you to store belongings in…

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10 Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit Like A Boss

Whether your a storage buyer who uses self storage to warehouse inventory, or a consumer who stores their overflow belongings, a cluttered storage unit can be a source of frustration, not to mention a waste of space and money.


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5 Great Ways to Scale Your Storage Auction Reselling Business

Scaling your Storage Auction Reselling Business can seem daunting, but there are effective strategies that can significantly boost your profits, streamline operations, and set you on the path for long-term success. 

Here are five great ways to scale your business:

How To Evaluate Storage Auction Units

Adopting effective strategies to evaluate locker contents can significantly mitigate the risks associated with storage auctioning. 

First and foremost, bidders should bring a flashlight to the auction. This allows a better visual assessment of the locker contents during the brief…

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It Ain't Worth It: Storage Auction Losers

Despite the potential for significant returns, storage auctioning does not come without risks. The most prominent risk is the uncertainty surrounding the locker contents. While a locker might contain valuable items, there's also a strong possibility that it could be…

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What Can You Expect To Find In Abandoned Storage Lockers?

Bidding on storage lockers whose renters have defaulted on their monthly rent can potentially yield significant financial advantages. This practice, commonly referred to as storage auctioning, allows bidders to purchase the entire contents of a locker at a fraction…

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Ten Ways To Grow Your Storage Auction Clean-Out Business

Storage auction clean-out businesses are a great way to make money. These businesses involve purchasing the contents of storage units, then cleaning out the unit and selling the contents for a profit. However, like any business, it takes work to…

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