Estate Sale Hosting

Apple Valley Farm / Thrifted & Gifted Estate Sale Hosting is available for clients who want to have the contents of a home or business, liquidated at public sale or auction.

AVF/T&G is experienced and has a vast network of buyers, resellers and collectors, many who make their living purchasing estate sale items.

Estate Sale Hosting will typically include:

  • Written detailed agreement
  • Weeding and disposal of non-sellable and/or personal items
  • Staging and Pricing of all items
  • Promotion and Advertising of the sale in all relevant places
  • Online and In-Person availability for purchase/bidding
  • Complete clean-out of any remaining unsold items
  • Leave the space in a clean and orderly state  
  • NOTE: We do not charge a fee for Estate Sale Hosting, but keep a percentage of total sales, usually between 30-50%, depending on the size of the estate.

Please CONTACT US today for further details about how we can help you meet your Estate Sale goals!

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