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Home Depot - The Best Places To Buy Bargain Tools 


Hey everyone. I’m Ricky Fitzpatrick with Everyday Woodworking, your Podcast Home for tips, tricks and information on how to make the most of your woodworking time and money, every day. 

Well welcome back to the show. If you’re a regular listener, you know we are in the middle of an ongoing series about The Best Places To Buy Bargain Tools. And if you haven’t listened to the earlier installments, you’ll want to go back and check out Episodes 2 through 4, which will get you up to speed. 

Also, if you’ve watched or listened to us before, you may know that I never record a show without having a cup of coffee on hand. And I try to give a shout out to our favorite people by using a coffee mug with their company logo or favorite saying on it. 

Today I’m sipping my coffee from a mug from our favorite place to get fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Jaemor Farms. Yes, it’s spelled a little unusual, so Siri and Alexa probably won’t understand you when you say it. But it’s Jaemor…JAEMOR. 

Jaemor has everything you could want as far as handmade and homegrown products. They even have a few of our things in there. Go to either of their two locations in Lula and Commerce GA for in-season produce, canned goods and a ton more. You have to get some boiled peanuts while you’re there. It is an experience you are guaranteed to enjoy. We love it and I know you will too. I’ll be sure to leave a link to jaemorfarms.com in the show notes so you can check them out. 

And hey if you have a coffee cup with your company logo on it you’d like to send us, we’d love to use it and say a little bit about you and what you do. Check out the show notes for our mailing address, and you can send your cup along with a little info about yourself or your business. 


Alright…our last show was all about “Private Buys”…meaning individual purchases, classified ads and online marketplaces. 

Today, we’re going all the way to the other side of the pool by taking a look at every guy’s favorite place to wander aimlessly through the orange aisles…Home Depot

Now before you get all up in arms about it, I know Home Depot is a “big box” retailer and you might be thinking they’re a terrible place to get your hands on some deals. But don’t jump too quick, because if you do it right, you can score some really sweet deals on some great tools. 

It seems like I say this all the time, but I’m really going to have to fly because we’ve got a TON of info to share. So I’m just going to get right to it. 


There are two main areas to watch at Home Depot. Online and Instore. We’ll start with Online. 



  • Rental Center Sales. Sometimes the rental center will sell their used tools and it can be a fantastic place to grab something at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. 
  • Watch for Seasonal Sales – Black Friday, Father’s Day are very hot. (Thank you Clark Howard for reminding us of that.) 
  • Watch for Limited Time Bundles. Such as Holiday tool and battery bundles. Or Multiple Tool bundles. 
  • One of my favorite tips, and it’s one that I can’t completely verify but…watch for Clearance Tools. Look for prices ending in 6 and 3. 6 usually mean a “good deal” and will usually remain so for about 6 weeks. Then a 3 is a “killer deal” that will stay until the item is gone. FYI, this may be hearsay, but I’ve seen it in multiple places. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. 
  • Damaged Goods 
  • Don’t be shy about asking for a discount on damaged or imperfect items. Or damaged packaging. 
  • Ask about discounts for floor models. Up to 30%. You never know when that table saw or the planer that’s been sitting on the shelf for 6 months is going to be replaced. 
  • Ask about bulk and Pro discounts at the Pro Desk. Over $1500, save up to 30%. But even if your budget is below that, ask anyway. My experience with the Pro Desk folks is that they know their stuff, and they are there to help. For me, I have the best experience when I go on a weekday between 7AM and about 3PM. 


  • Look into 0% for 24 months on purchases over $299 
  • Save up to $100 with a HD Credit Card 
  • Military and Veteran Discounts every day. 10% on everything. 
  • Watch for rotating category/retailer deals on your Credit Cards. 
  • Capital One customers can use a service called Paribus to keep an eye out for unnoticed discounts and how to claim them, even after you’ve purchased something. - https://paribus.co/ 
  • Don’t forget the receipt survey. We all see it. And if you’re like me, you never do the survey. It takes about 5 minutes. You can win up to $5K! If you don’t have time, pay your kids $1 a survey for every one they take for you. We logged 101 receipts from HD on our taxes this year. That’s 101 chances to win some cash. Don’t blow it! 

Whew! Like always, that FLEW! But SO much great info, don’t you think? Man, I thought it was. I sure hope it was helpful to you. 

It was a lot and I know it’s a lot to digest. You can’t possibly remember it all. But try to latch onto one or two things and give them a try. Or go to the show notes or our Everyday Woodworking blog and print everything out so you can go over it at your own pace. 


Hey, be sure to join us on the next episode where we might be continuing our series on The Best Places To Buy Bargain Tools. I'm thinking about taking a look at Trade Shows. Trade Shows. I know you may be thinking “What the what!? I’ve never been to a trade show.” But hear me out. You just might find something awesome in next week’s show. I'll letyou know as I flesh this one out

I can’t wait. Either way though, I'll be right here, hoping to see you on Everyday Woodworking. 


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OK, that’s it. Have a great day. Thanks again. And I’ll see you next time…on Everyday Woodworking. 

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